Monitoring my health on my smartphone

Monitoring my health on my smartphone

  • Advantages of Invisalign Braces

    Invisalign braces are a popular alternative to traditional braces. These braces consist of clear plastic aligners that are tailored to each person's teeth. The aligners apply pressure to the teeth and allow them to be shifted accordingly. The best thing about invisible aligners is that they are barely visible to the naked eye. As a result, those people who are putting off braces simply because they are unsightly can opt for Invisalign instead.

  • Back to the Point: How Your Blunt Canines Can Be Resharpened

    According to scientists, humans developed canine teeth 300 million years ago—to make us more attractive. Pointed eyeteeth, another name for canines, give off a more aggressive vibe than gently rounded eyeteeth. If you once had pointed canine teeth, it's understandable that you may wish to get them back somehow. Fortunately, there are several ways that a dentist can restore your canines to their pointy glory. Teeth Can Be Reshaped If there is sufficient enamel remaining on your canine teeth, your dentist should be able to add a point without the need for cosmetic dentistry.

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Monitoring my health on my smartphone

It is really important to me that I stay healthy. I mean, you can always buy a new car or a pair of shoes but you can't buy a new body. I have to take care of the body I've got! Luckily there are some great tools that can help me understand how I am going and help me to make adjustments to my life. It's really good to see the effect of a run or workout on my body. It's also useful to see which situations stress me out and send my heart rate sky high! This blog has some tips on the best ways to measure health on smartphones.