Monitoring my health on my smartphone

Monitoring my health on my smartphone

3 Extras to Help Make Your Teen's Invisalign Treatment a Success

by Isaiah Walker

Invisalign treatment is one of the best tooth straightening options out there for teenagers. To ensure your teen's treatment is a success, here are 3 extras you can buy them.

Buy an Extra Case or Two

When your teen begins their Invisalign treatment, they'll usually receive two cases. The first is for storing their current set of aligners. The second is for storing their previous aligners—this ensures the teeth won't move too far out of place if your child loses or damages their current set. For adults, having two cases may be sufficient. But for forgetful teens, it's always better to have an extra case that they can always keep in their jacket or handbag. If your teen forgets their case and doesn't have one to hand, they're likely to wrap their aligners up in a tissue when it's time to eat—and accidentally tossing that tissue in the bin or leaving it behind is one of the most common ways Invisalign aligners get lost.

Buy an On-the-Go Dental Kit

Since your teen needs to take their Invisalign aligners out to eat, they'll still need to brush their teeth regularly. In fact, it's recommended that patients brush their teeth after every time they eat before putting the aligners back in. If they don't, the aligners will trap all that food bacteria against their teeth, allowing it to grow and attack the teeth and gums. Of course, this means your teen will often need to brush their teeth on the go—whether at school or out at a restaurant. That's why you should buy them an on-the-go dental hygiene kit, or put one together yourself. The main things you should put inside the kit are a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. If your teen won't always have access to a sink, you can also include waterless disposable brushes. Optional extras include a hand mirror, mouthwash, and lip balm.

Buy Cleaning Crystals

Teenagers run on a busy schedule. With so much school, socialising, and studying to fit into their day, many teens struggle to keep their aligners as clean as they should. One way to make sure their aligners stay at their cleanest is to buy them a set of Invisalign cleaning crystals. Once mixed with water in a cleaning container, all you have to do is drop your teen's aligners in and wait 15 minutes. During that time, the special crystals will remove plaque and stains, getting the aligners clean, clear, and odour-free without any effort on your teen's part.

Learn more about these extra options by contacting local Invisalign services.


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Monitoring my health on my smartphone

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