Monitoring my health on my smartphone

Monitoring my health on my smartphone

Making Sure Your Invisible Braces Stay Clean

by Isaiah Walker

When your dentist gives you the all-clear for invisible braces, you'll probably jump for joy. Not only are you getting the chance to straighten your teeth, but you'll also do so as discreetly as possible. If you want that enjoyment to last, you need to adopt a strict cleaning routine. Using some simple tips, you can make sure your Invisalign-like braces look clear and smell fresh.

Banish morning bacteria

You'll likely wear your invisible braces overnight. Although you don't eat while you're sleeping, bacteria gathers in your mouth. Because of this, you should clean your invisible braces thoroughly using the solution that your dentist recommends. Additionally, make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly and flush your mouth using an appropriate wash.

Keep a clean environment

Bacteria are more likely to gather in your mouth and braces when you provide them with a source of food. To prevent plaque from building up on your trays, make sure you rinse them thoroughly every time you take them out of your mouth. You should also seize the opportunity to floss and remove potential sources of food from between your teeth. When there are fewer substances to attract bacteria, you're less likely to experience brace discolouration.

Engage in daily soaking

When you use braces like Invisalign, your dentist will probably recommend a soaking solution. To make the most of the solution, ensure you use it once per day. After soaking your braces for the allotted time, take a small brush that you don't use on your teeth and use it to gently scrape around the inside. When you scrape the inside of your invisible braces, you'll remove flecks of food that aren't visible.

Avoid anything that stains

When you wear invisible braces, it isn't a good idea to eat or drink anything other than water. They're sensitive to staining, so you need to go beyond simply avoiding substances such as red wine and coffee. As you need to wear your braces for a set number of hours each day, this usually involves scheduling your eating times carefully. While doing this takes a lot of organisation, it's worth it once you have straighter teeth.

With invisible braces, you have the chance to get the smile of your dreams. Although you may need to put a little effort into keeping them clean, you'll soon fall into a new routine. The steps you take now will go a long way towards keeping your braces clear for the future.


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Monitoring my health on my smartphone

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