Monitoring my health on my smartphone

Monitoring my health on my smartphone

What you should check for when you review medical billing services

by Isaiah Walker

If you are a busy medical practice who is looking to outsource your medical billing it is important to choose the right service. Here are some factors that can help you to find a medical billing service that can save you time and money. Here are some tips to help you select the right service. 

Integration with your accounting program

One of the ways that you can save time is by having a billings system that integrates directly with your accounting system. This can help you to minimise data entry and the potential for data entry errors. Many accounting programs have add-ons or allied partners that specifically work with medical billing and have fields that can record appropriate claim numbers for private health insurance or the NHS (National Health Service). It can often be tricky to get data to read between systems that are not specifically integrated. 

Reporting systems

Another benefit of using a medical billing system is that you can automate some of the operational reporting in the system such as measuring the number of appointments per hour and comparing between different practitioners in your centre. You can also use the system to measure the effectiveness of measures taken to improve the centre such as improved booking systems, better filing systems and better medical tools. This can make it much easier to identify opportunities to improve your centre and make sure that you are constantly meeting your customers needs as fully as possible while staying viable as a business. 

Mobile friendly systems

With your doctors and patients on the move it is important to ensure that your medical billing system is also mobile friendly. It is a good to be able to check in in real time with the billing system if there are any issues, such as invoices not being issued to patients or insurers. This also allows your doctors to check in with their own statistics between appointments and during downtime which helps them to focus solely on their patient care. This means that you can maximise the amount of time that staff spend face-to-face with patients rather than focused on administrative tasks. 

If you want to save money and time on the way that your medical practise does medical billing, it can be worth looking at a new medical billing software service. There are a range of great systems on the market that integrate with existing accounting packages as well as providing concise and easy reporting. For more information, contact companies like Bill Medical.


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Monitoring my health on my smartphone

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